Monthly Archives: July 2012

“Sugar is like a bad guest that comes to your home and does a giddy little jig in the living room for fifteen minutes, creating a great euphoria in the whole family. Suddenly the dance ends, she picks up an ax, and proceeds to smash and slash all the furniture in the house. The family, so sleepy at this point, cannot stop her. Just before she finally leaves, you say ‘Wait,’ run to the bedroom, grab your diamond necklace, shove it in her hands, saying ‘Here, this is for you,’ and wave her of with a weary, sad smile. You then do your best to pick up the pieces of the trashed living room and move on. The craziest part is that within a day, you can’t wait to have that ‘little sweetie’ over again, so you call her up for a repeat performance.”

—From The Hip Chick’s Guide to Macrobiotics by Jessica Porter, page 128.

“Sugar is like a bad gue…