Week #5: My First Sugar-Free Birthday

In just a month’s time, I went from complaining about not eating cake at a birthday party for the first time ever, (See: Week# 2), to hosting my own very first sugar-free birthday party.  In a pathetic breakdown days before, I cried, Are birthdays even fun without sugar?

Yes, very.

I had cake there and I ate it, too.   With a jar of agave nectar and a bucket of cocoa powder, you’d never even guess it was refined-sugar-free.  With the cookies I made, (also agave-sweetened, and with barley-malt-sweetened chocolate chips) it was more obvious, but they passed as a decent substitute.

To my surprise, just a single serving of cake and Coconut Bliss had me feeling crazy sugar-thrilled and positively hung over the next day (unless I was hung over from drinking—it was strictly a tea party so the herbal variations did get pretty wild).

But to my greater surprise and delight, these treats weren’t even the sweetest part of my birthday.  Post both sugar high and low, the sweetness that has stayed with me is that I have such amazing, loving, incredibly thoughtful friends.

Many of them even brought me sugar-free gifts in support of this mission, like cacao coconut butter, and an adorable lunchbox in which to bring my own food to work, so that I don’t succumb to another mean, nasty cookie bully; honey sticks, a can of carob powder, and, get this, Meghan, my aforementioned food guru, made me a book containing brilliant insights from her favorite nutrition writers! (Excerpt to follow).

I’m truly grateful to love and live with this community of such unbelievably sweet people, and to call them my friends.


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