Week #1: Feelin’ a little crabby, are we?

I told my food guru, my friend Meghan, “Hey, guess what I did for a New Year’s Resolution? Gave up refined sugar.”  Her immediate reply was, “Oh, wow, feeling a little crabby are we?”

A reply of SO FRIGGIN’ CRABBY pretty much sums up how this first week felt.  Extremely raw.  After an exasperating night at work I found I could no longer suppress my anger at the sexual harassment I’ve been putting up with (nicely, sweetly even) from both clients and coworkers.  I was enraged and the rage gave me the clarity and courage to resolve—finally, all of a sudden, to start finding ways to effectively stand up for myself/against this treatment.  Part of it was not being nice about it.  How much of this rage was aggravated/heightened by the irritability that typifies sugar withdrawal?  How much was clarified/inspired by hormones?  As with every situation there were many causes and conditions feeding in, hard to weigh each one.  Yet I can’t help but wonder whether it helped me move forward not to settle into comforting myself with sugar.  Perhaps there is a parallel to be drawn here between eating sweets to ease bad days and frittering away the energy of my anger with complaints.  With all the energy of my raw (unintoxicated) emotion I found I had more power.  Instead of eating, swallowing it, letting what was eating at me making me smaller.

I started the New Year with a cleansing day at the hot springs with my friends.  Meghan my food guru friend said the more I could down the filtered water the more it would cut the effects of the sugar withdrawal.  Our universal, planetary solvent, water is the answer to so much.  This week I read the book The Hidden Messages in Water, and get awestruck anew by the power of words on water.  The power of the words—written or spoken with the energy and consciousness of their meaning— “love and gratitude,” together bring out the most beautiful ice crystals in pure water.  Then remembering that we are bodies of water.  The effects our words are having on ourselves.  And the miraculous effects water has on us.



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